Jessica De Gouw returned to The CW‘s DC Universe based series Arrow last night as the revenge-obsessed Helena Bertinelli AKA “Huntress” after disappearing from the show for a year.

And it seems like if Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim has his way, fans will be seeing much more of the leather-clad crossbow wielding vigilante in the future.

Guggenheim spoke with TV Line recently and shared his desire for Huntress to join The Flash as a second spinoff series:

She’s, literally, been off the show for a year. What’s Helena been doing during that time? What mental state is she in? What emotional state is she in? We definitely went into this with [the idea], ‘We’ve got to wrap up the whole Helena and her father storyline’…

As far as what becomes a series, what doesn’t become a series, one thing I’ve talked to D.C. Comics about is, I’d love to do a Huntress series – I mentioned this to Jessica – where we cover the year that she spent between Episodes 117 and 217, from her perspective, traveling the world and hunting for her father. You never know, all things are possible, as long as we’ve got Jessica’s willing participation.

Last night’s Arrow episode was entitled “Birds Of Prey”, references the DC Comics team-up series featuring Huntress, Black Canary, and Oracle.

Guggenheim admitted that he agreed with the fans that he’d like to see such a team-up on Arrow–with Oliver Queen’s Girl Friday Felicity standing in for Oracle:

That’s on our show bucket list.

Obviously, Guggenheim is aware of the failed Birds of Prey series that debuted in 2002 before succumbing to poor ratings after just 13 episodes. Would revisiting that well be an over-reach? On paper, it’s certainly possible, but this is a new era where everything comic book has been given new life. Besides that, these characters have a springboard and, perhaps, a larger sandbox to play in this time, so maybe some kind of limited Birds of Prey series would make sense.

What do you think? Is Guggenheim’s Birds of Prey eagerness foolish, or is this the next great leap for DC as they try to match Marvel on the small screen?

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