As the casting rumors for Star Wars VII swirl around the Internet, what often has captured most fan’s attention is who of the original cast will be returning to reprise their roles. Earlier today the Comicpalooza Convention, held in Houston, TX, tweeted some interesting news.

Let’s get right to it, here’s the tweet:

Interesting…. The reason given is filming and not any physical or health issues and filming for Star Wars VII starts in May. Mayhew doesn’t do a lot of shooting besides the occasional appearance as himself or Chewbacca on Talk shows or cameos, so it’s very likely it is Star Wars related, but is it Star Wars VII?

Recently Mayhew went through double knee replacement surgery in Texas and had the whole thing filmed by a kickstarter group, could this filming be part of that project? I don’t think so, because any filming needed to wrap that project up should already be done. Here was the shooting schedule from the Kickstarter:

We will be following Peter to his last convention before the surgery, interviewing him and other celebrities from the star wars universe and the convention circuit.  You’ll get a peek into his life and struggles at home as a giant.  We’ll be interviewing his doctors and the engineers behind his prosthetic knees that have been specially constructed for him.

Then, you’ll follow Peter through the day of his 4 surgeries. During that single day they will be replacing the top and bottom of both knees. They will also be cutting through his tendons to lengthen them and allow him to straighten his legs and lock his knees.

After the surgery we will follow Peter through the two months of intense rehabilitation and recovery. Then with his friends, family and fans present we will celebrate as we get to see Peter stand and walk on his own at his full height.

The surgery was back in September 2013, just under 6 months ago. Besides, who wouldn’t want to see Mayhew reprise the role that has practically defined his life. Mayhew’s twitter account doesn’t have a confirmation or clarification tweet about the cancellation yet, when and if one is tweeted, we’ll bring it to you here.

What do you think? Is this the first Chewbacca casting clue, or just a fanboy wish?

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