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Fans of the Amazing Spider-Man and the many comic series that the character has made his way through know that the character of Gwen Stacy is not one that lasts for very long in the Marvel Universe. But while Gwen meets an untimely end in the comics, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the same fate awaits her in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Still, one has to wonder what’s going to happen. Now, the actress who plays Gwen Stacy, Emma Stone, has stepped up and said a few things about Stacy’s potential fate in the franchise. Scroll on for more.

The big hint that Stacy was a dead women come TASM 2 was that Stone was seen wearing a costume that closely resembled the one that Stacy wore in the Amazing Spider-Man #121 comic book – the book in which she died. And, she was killed while Spidey was fighting the Green Goblin and, of course, old Greeny shows up in the latest flick. So, naturally, everyone assumes that means the movie will imitate the book with regards to that particular detail.

When asked about the prevailing Internet rumor that she was on her way to the grave, Stone had these words:

“I was really upset. I feel hyper protective over the secrecy of what happens to Gwen. I was like, ‘Why did we shoot out on the street?’ I was upset for a day and then I realized there’s nothing else we can do. There’s stuff out there.”

While that sounds damning with regards to the Stacy’s fate, Stone went on to muddle up that certainty a bit:

“There are things that I know about that haven’t been seen yet. There are also things that people are speculating on that I know aren’t true. There will be surprises.”

So will Stacy bite the big one to provoke some great change in Peter Parker? Are they looking to usher in the time of Mary Jane Watson (a character that was supposed to be in Amazing Spider-Man 2 but ended up getting cut)? Or maybe they’ll go crazy and use some sort of techno-chemical device to transform her into a new hero or villain? Speculate all you want, but the truth won’t be known until the movie releases on May 2nd.

What do the Nerd Readers think? Out with Gwen and in with Mary Jane? Or should Marc Webb buck the trend and try something new?


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