I apologize for the bulimia joke in that headline. I am a bad person.

The first Purge movie didn’t actually feature any of the “chaos in the streets” its premise promised, which was my main complaint with the movie as a whole. Other than that, I kind of enjoyed the Ethan Hawke centered home invasion tale, even if I couldn’t figure out why, if all crime is legal for twelve hours, his family’s attackers still felt the need to wear masks (answer: apparently producer Michael Bay thought they’d “look cool”). Thankfully, the second installment in this new franchise seems to be doing away with the single setting and is throwing none other than Frank Grillo (who can also be seen kicking ass and taking names as Crossbones in Captain America: The Winter Solider next week) out into this desolate landscape on a vengeful mission.

As you can see below, the masks are still present, which still doesn’t make any goddamn sense, but the world James DeMonaco (who returns here as both writer and director) built in the first film seems to be expanded upon. When you add Grillo into the mix, this sequel seems to be focused on improving upon the initial mega hit in every way possible, giving us a much more sympathetic lead than Ethan’s security system hawker (see what I did there? That’s the best you get, folks). Ever since Joe Carnahan’s The Grey and Gavin O’Connor’s Warrior, I’ll pretty much follow Grillo into oblivion. The fact that Michael K. Williams (Omar from the motherf’n Wire) and Zach Gilford (Saracen from motherf’n Friday Night Lights) are also in the cast just makes my ticket purchase that much easier.

The Purge: Anarchy (yes, it took me that damn long into the article to give you the actual title of the film) hits theaters July 18th.

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