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Time for your weekly dose of the fantastic fandom-based art that’s hit the web this week with your Nerd Art Dump. Each and every week we pick and choose through the masses of prints and pics on the digital frontier to give you nothing but the best to fill your geek needs. So on with the dump

ABOVE: Ever wondered what would happen if some of your favorite super heroes and villains were forced to pose the way the typical female character is? Some folks over at The Line is Drawn did a redo on some female-centric comic covers and brought the sexy back for the dudes.

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And because we can’t go a week without finding even more Disney characters thrown into another world and given a make-over, here are what a few of the famous faces might look like should they be forced to live in the world of The Walking Dead. – By Kasami-Sensei


Yet another mash-up, this time we get Tony Stark/Robert Downey, Jr. transported to George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones world. I’m guessing that Tony and Tyrion would get along famously, despite all the family problems.  “Tony Stark of Winterfell” by Khasis Lieb


A nice piece of Judge Dredd art, this one presents a gritty and unpleasant-looking version of the character. Not that Dredd is the definition of pleasant in the first place, but still… – By Jock.


There may already be plenty of Godzilla posters out there announcing the big, green monster’s imminent return to the big screen, but here’s one created by a fan instead of the over-paid marketing department. – By Paul Shipper

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There’s been a lot of debate over whether The Doctor should be anything more than a white human with a penis, but has anyone ever stopped to consider the possibility of him regenerating as a goofy 80s alien? – “Healer” by James Hance


And then there’s this really cool collage. A wonderful image of Batman made up of hundreds of pieces of his comic book history. I want. – By Mike Alcantara

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And finally, one person’s rather impressive-looking interpretation of the Jules Vernes classic, Journey to the Center of the Earth. – By Laurent Durieux

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