lightsaber battle

Ever wondered what went in to the creation of one of the most iconic weapons in all of sci-fi history? When I speak of a weapon, I mean, of course, the almighty lightsaber. Well, check out ‘The Birth of the Lightsaber‘, a featurette that reveals how the concept made it from inception to realization, along with a host of other interesting details. This featurette presents interviews with George Lucas, Mark Hamill and master sound editor, Ben Burtt. And while you may not walk away with the knowledge of how to actually build a lightsaber, at the very least you may be able to use this bit of trivia to impress a girl/boy you’re hitting on at the next con.

I have to say, I love looking at these behind-the-scenes featurettes. Everything you ever wanted to know about the lightsaber, the way they developed the fighting style and all the little ins-and-outs of what goes into making such an iconic effect come to life. Now if they could just invent a proper lightsaber, I would be well on my way to becoming the next Dark Lord of the Sith. Or the next man to lose a limb or two playing with a dangerous weapon…


Source: Star Wars (YouTube)

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