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ABOVE: When a problem comes along: Han Solo riding a Unicorn. Before the cream sits out too long: Han Solo riding a Unicorn. When something’s going wrong: Han Solo riding a Unicorn. When you can’t win the argument any other way: Han Solo riding a Unicorn [NerdApproved]


If your Sonic Screwdriver won’t open it for you, this Dalek bottle opener will. The Doctor won’t wait for you so you better get that Doctor Who buzz going before the next great world shattering event prevents you. [Geek Alerts]


Why should Batman be the only one with all those nice toys and costumes? Step up your Joker Cosplay with this insanely maniacal Joker medieval armor. Forget about the scars…where the hell did you get that bad-ass armor? [Technabob]

Now I want the whole musical, with Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and the rest of the gang. Can’t you see it now? X-Men: The Musical Dark Phoenix Saga! We’ll have to settle for now with Hugh Jackman performing Wolverine The Musical for The Matt Edmondson Show. [Neatorama]

Would you really want to see this stuff happen on The Walking Dead? Hell Yeah!!!Why not, except the baby should have gone with Michonne when the prison blow up. She could have made a Lone Wolf and Cub storyline and Little Ass-Kicker could learn her knife and sword skills!


All the Family Guy characters sing Happy, and it’s just one guy doing every voice! Unbelievable! Wait, does that word mean what I think it means? [Mikey Bolts]

What happens when you add the music and sound effects of Balrog from Street Fighter to video of Mike Tyson training and fighting? Magic is what happens, pure joyful magic. [Reddit]

Because what else should you do with a massive theater pipe organ, play some Star Wars music of course! [Geekologie]


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