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It’s nothing unusual when a movie goes through a writer or two. In fact, having someone come in to update or give a rewrite to a script is pretty common practice, even among the biggest franchises out there. There’s a desire to get it right and more heads can sometimes do this better than a singular vision. And that’s the case with the planned adaptation of Splinter Cell.

The new draft of the script will be put together by Sheldon Turner. He is perhaps best known for helping to put together the story for X-Men: First Class as well as his work on the multi-Oscar nominated Up in the Air. Working from a first draft penned by American Hustle writer Eric Warren Singer, I’m guessing that Turner is there to add a little more color to the serious framework that Singer no doubt laid down.

Combined with Doug Liman (End of Tomorrow, The Bourne Identity) as director and Tom Hardy in the lead role of Sam Fisher, it’s shaping up to be quite the impressive list of names attached to a video game movie. Maybe we’ll be getting something more than just a bad copy of a great game, glazed over with enough action to make it interesting enough to sell some tickets?

Look to August for shooting on Splinter Cell to begin and shortly thereafter as the time when we get to see some actual stills and get an idea about what the film is going to look like.

Any fans of the games out there that are hyped over this? Are you hoping they can do the video games justice? Does this line-up of names inspire faith in you?


Source: Deadline

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