I like robots, especially ones who want to just massacre people. It’s pretty much why Saturn 3 is my favorite movie ever (well, that and Harvey Keitel’s weird ass dubbed voice). So you can imagine how much I want to celebrate two new Terminator movies potentially being put into production, back-to-back. Spoiler: my celebrations involve tapioca pudding.

Deadline slipped this little tidbit in with their reporting on Dayon Okeniyi being cast as the final lead in Terminator: Genesis, the first of a planned reboot trilogy for the franchise. Following production on the initial film, the second and third, Terminator: Kill Zone Nebraska and Terminator: the Fred Williamson Story*, will shoot back-to-back over a nine month period in Louisiana. At least, that’s what producers at both Skydance Productions and Paramount Pictures would like to do.

The cast includes not only Dayon Okeniyi (Short Term 12), but also Jason “White House Down Is the Best Thing Ever” Clarke (also seen in some other movie called Zero Dark Thirty) and Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke (a/k/a “the one with the dragons”). No word on who has been cast as the murderous robots, but I assume they’re all going to be done practically, or by guys in suits with sunglasses on. Alan Taylor, fresh off of Thor 2: You Can Do Acid While Watching This, directs.

Terminator: Genesis hits theaters July 1, 2015.

Source: A Really Self-Serious Cinema Blend Article

*Disclaimer: these probably won’t be the actual titles. 

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