‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Lands its Doctor Doom

doctor doom

With a sequel already slotted for 2017, the folks behind the Fantastic Four reboot better get their asses in gear to ensure that the first one actually arrives on time. They’ve got the main cast lined up, but there’s always that little question of who the main cast will be fighting. It looks like the powers-that-be have elected to use the most classic of FF villains – Doctor Doom. What’s more, they have a face to place behind the iron mask – Toby Kebbell.

If you don’t know who Kebbell is, this is what he looks like:

toby kebbell
You may recall his face from movies such as RocknRolla, Prince of Persia or Wrath of the Titans. He’s even lined up to take part in the upcoming Warcraft flick. Now he shall test his skills by taking on the role of a Marvel villain that is so iconic that he rivals the popularity of almost every villain we’ve seen on-screen thus far.

But can he pull it off? He sure as hell looks sinister enough, and the perfect Doctor Doom needs to be able to portray a mix of intelligence, arrogance, regality and sociopathy. Personally, I don’t know what Kebbell has up his sleeves, as I barely remember any of his roles.

What say thee, Nerd Readers? Does this guy look the part? Has anyone out there noticed Kebbell in anything? Feel compelled to offer an opinion on his acting chops?

Check out the new Fantastic Four when it finally hits theaters come June 19th, 2015.


Source: Variety

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