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Ever since I realized these people exist, I’ve been hooked on Screen Junkies and their ‘Honest Trailers‘ series. The latest addition to the ‘HT’ pile is none-other-than the soon to premiere Game of Thrones. And, in my opinion, this has to be some of their best work yet. Warning! If you haven’t seen the first three seasons of GoT, you need to avoid this completely (in other words MASSIVE FKN SPOILERS). If you have seen them (or read the books like us literate people), then please proceed.

Damn. All the hate for Sean Bean and his relations. Though I suppose that’s true to an extent… He does seem to bring death wherever he roams.

And, of course – BEWBS. Which we all know is one of the things that got us to keep watching in the first place. That and the occasional crotch-shot. Oh, and there’s the story or something. Dragons? Whatever.

Don’t forget! Season 4 is back this Sunday! Don’t forget to tune in and see who else kicks the bucket.


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