‘Gotham’ Finds Its Riddler

Cory Michael Smiht

Despite protest and anxiety from some Batman fans, the Fox series Gotham is moving forward at full speed. They’ve already got a novice Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and a whole cast of iconic – but younger – Batman characters lined up. And the cast just keeps on growing. If you’ve ever wanted to play an amateur Man-Bat or Harvey Dent, now’s the time to get your head shots in!

Today we have learned who will portray Edward Nygma, also known as The Riddler. EW says Cory Michael Smith (seen above) will play the soon-to-be Batman baddie. Nygma is described as “a brilliant young forensic scientist working for Gotham PD and a penchant for speaking in … rather cryptic language. Inquisitive, eccentric and outgoing — yet socially awkward — he wants to be liked, but he doesn’t quite know how.” Yeah, that sounds about right.

Smith’s track record is pretty lean (he is a young actor, after all) featuring work on Olive Kitteridge, Camp X-Ray and Todd Haynes’s upcoming Carol. His work on Gotham will definitely be his biggest role yet. Though it is starting off as just a guest star in the pilot, the part may expand into something bigger. Seeing that he’s The Riddler, one of Gotham’s most infamous foes, I’m going to say that’s likely.

So the cast keeps expanding but is anyone really interested? The reaction to Gotham has been decidedly mixed with many saying it seems like a cash grab. As a lifetime Batman devotee, I say we should hold our horses and give the series a shot. Still, even I have some serious doubts. Do we really want to visit a Gotham City that doesn’t yet have Batman? Are we interested in seeing youthful, sexy versions of DC’s rogues gallery? Fox sure as Hell hopes so.

Gotham premieres in the 2014-15 season.

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