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With the success of The Lego Movie, Gravity, the buzz surrounding the upcoming Batman & Superman team up film and the news that we will see a new trilogy from the Harry Potter-verse in the future, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara is surely riding high, but he’s not Marvel Studios high, and that may be something that the exec wants to change.In a new interview with The New York Times, Tsujihara stated that “a film series will be announced in the near future”. But while many believe that those words are a clear signal that The Justice League or a Wonder Woman solo film is on the horizon, sources are indicating that Warner Bros. and DC are more inclined to revisit a past mistake by rebooting the Green Lantern franchise while aligning it (ever so slightly) with the world presently being fleshed out by the Man of Steel franchise.

Stunned? There’s more: no doubt spooked by the fan upheaval that followed the Batman/Ben Affleck, Lex Luther/Jessie Eisenberg, and Wonder Woman/Gal Gadot casting decisions, sources indicate that Warner Bros./DC will turn the Green Lantern casting decision over to the fans by way of a worldwide internet/toll phone vote, with proceeds going toward the film’s budget.

I know, it seems like Warner Bros. is trading one potential backlash for another by using the funds to pay for this film, but it’s also a bold sorta-extension of the studios view regarding crowd funding (Veronica Mars is a Warner Bros. property) as well as the most powerful evidence yet that fanboys and fangirls have the attention of studios and that angry tweets, open letters, and petitions — while failing to push Warner Bros./DC to action regarding Affleck and Gadot — have affected change.

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Right now, details are slim with regard to the process and how binding it will be (what if fans inexplicably pick Ryan Reynolds or fail to pick Nathan Fillion?), but there is likely going to be a nomination phase where fans will be urged to tweet or mail in suggested actors to populate a pool that will doubtlessly be filled by former and current wrestlers and Idris Elba before Warner Bros./DC releases a final list.

It’s worth noting that we don’t know which Green Lantern they are looking to cast, though sources say that Guy Gardner, Medphyll, and John Stewart are more likely than Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, and Simon Baz.

What we do know, is that the final announcement will be made during a primetime special on The CW that will follow the mid-May season finale of Arrow on what is being billed as a backdoor pilot for what may wind up becoming an Arrow after-show (ala The Talking Dead), which is tentatively called Quiver.

No word on who will host, maybe they can put that to an online fan vote as well.

Snark aside, this decision (which is, of course, unconfirmed) begs a couple of questions, namely: will this become a trend and why allow fans to cast the Green Lantern role but not others? As always, the results will dictate whether Warner Bros. transforms this from a stunt and an anomaly into a trend that other studios may emulate, but while this could have conceivably been brewing since before the trio of Batman & Superman casting backlashes (which Warner Bros. withstood without compromise, thus demonstrating their ultimate faith in those choices), it seems that the Green Lantern is ripe for this kind of risk.

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Unlike Batman & Superman, Warner Bros. doesn’t yet have a script, a director, or other actors on board for The Green Lantern. This is, despite its predecessor, an all new endeavor, which means that the slate is clean and apparently DC and Warner Bros. are willing to roll the dice (especially since a failure would only really effect the Green Lantern franchise, sparing Warner Bros. other DC projects) and let fans put-up or shut-up. The question is: will they fuck-up now that they have the keys to the kingdom?

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