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ABOVE: The zombie apocalypse is inevitable. At least that’s what every facet of pop culture tells us, so how prepared is your home state? Unless you live in any of the green states seen above, you’re a goner. Compiled by real estate blog Estately, they took into consideration factors like access to guns and physical fitness. Also laser tag and paintball. Hey, it’s practice. To see a break down state by state hit the jump.


Yikes! You definitely don’t want to be in New Jersey when the outbreak begins. [Nerd Approved]


Ever since Frozen released there’s been a lot of stunning Elsa cosplay. This one, however, likely takes the cake. Not only has Tomia created an impressive screen accurate cosplay of Elsa’s coronation garb, but also an impressive screen accurate cosplay of Elsa’s ice dress. Plus! As if this all couldn’t be more impressive, she and Garam & Dall worked on this incredible photo series where she transforms from one into the other! See them all at Fashionably Geek.


No, this isn’t Marvel’s first attempt at a Rescue/Pepper Potts figure. This is Chris Hooton’s (aka Sabretooth) modification of one of Mattel’s Monster High dolls into Iron Man. Or Iron Girl, as he calls the figure. Aghast proportions aside, I’d buy one wouldn’t you? [The Mary Sue]


Morn-ing Miss-tress! No Whovian should start their say without these adorable pair of K-9 slippers. [Fashionably Geek]


Now, not that I’m suggesting you start your day with a cold brew, but I mean, the TARDIS bottle opener and K-9 slippers just suit each other so well. [That’s Nerdalicious]


Lies! It’s all filthy, damn lies! But what did you expect trying to learn science from science fiction? [Buzzfeed]

Speaking of filthy lies, Cinema Sins goes for broke when dissecting The Running Man. Yeah, ’cause we all expect this film to hold up under any scrutiny.

Being today is April 1st there’s plenty of tomfoolery a-going on here on the webz. Google’s addition is one of my favorites, and man oh man do I wish it was legit. [Nerd Approved]


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