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A bevy of set photos from the set of Joss Whedon’s sequel to The Avengers have been hitting the interwebz lately. I’m actually surprised Whedon hasn’t locked down the set to keep costume reveals of Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Ultron a secret. One of the more recent candid set shots showed Tony Stark’s (aka Iron Man’s) latest armor; which is a variation of the mustard/ketchup suit from Iron Man 3 just %30 less mustard. You know, of course, this isn’t going to be the only suit Stark is gonna don, right? Well, a new piece of concept art just leaked and this latest suit is by far the coolest. Sans the nipples of course? That’s right, I said nipples.

If you examine the following picture closely you may notice what appears to be a set of Iron Nipples poking out of Stark’s suit. Are these rivets? Or is Whedon paying some sort of twisted tribute to Joel Schumacher and the epic nippleage of Batman and Robin? Check it out and see what you think:


Yup, Iron Man looks a little bit chilly there. Maybe they fire lasers or something? I’d hate to think that such epic, metal nipples would do nothing more than display the current temperature.

But are we ready? Can the world handle a nipple-clad Iron Man saving the world? Will this result in a complete loss of credibility for Stark and the Avengers? Will Captain America rest his eyes upon such a masterpiece of metal and discover that he is actually completely gay for Tony?

Only Whedon knows the answer to these questions.

The one solid thing we have heard, is that sources close to the production have said that with Avengers 2 currently shooting in Seoul (have you see Whedon’s apology video?), a pivotal point to the plot has Iron Man/Tony seeking the help of a South Korean scientist LIRPA SLOOF in aim to disable Ultron.




Haha, you’ve been had. Another Aprils Fool joke. There’s no nipples on the Iron Man armor, well, as far as we can tell. The art above was just something we Photoshopped, poorly I might add (should have been a did giveaway). And that South Korean Scientist named Lirpa Sloof?  While that is a popular name in in Korea (so we’ve heard), it is incidentally APRIL FOOLS flipped around. Did we get you? You mad bro? It’s all in good fun.

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