RECAP/REVIEW: ‘Lost Girl’ #4.12 – “Origin”


So to recap: Hale’s dead and Massimo’s alive. One would think that after such a significant episode that Lost Girl might take the week to cool off and let the viewer catch their breath, but nope. “Origin,” was not only the penultimate episode of the fourth season, but it was another info dump as we unravel the details of the nature of Bo’s connection with Rainer, the real identity of her father, and the stakes going into next week’s season finale.

Obviously, we begin at Hale’s funeral. Dyson’s offering a lot of praise for his late partner, and his would-have-been wife Kenzi was there still wearing the ring, as a traditional Day of Silence for the siren was declared. That was a nice touch by the way: a day of silence for a dead siren. Naturally, Kenzi’s still pretty PO’d at Bo, a fact that’s not helped when a female knight named Rosette arrives and pledges her fealty to her Queen Bo. “Of course,” says Kenzi sarcastically.

I’m not sure a proverbial blow-by-blow of the episode makes a lot of sense now because I couldn’t honestly tell you what was going for about 50 per cent of it. The prophecies were flying pretty fast and furiously, as were the accusations about who’s going to end the world and destroy the fae and how. So let’s break it down thusly:

Rainer – One prophecy says that he’ll die after seven days of being back on Earth, and it’s day six. Basically, Bo and Rainer have to formalize their bond, in other words get married, but even that may not come without consequences (which we’ll get into next). Meanwhile, Lauren was being nosy in the Dark archives and finds a description of Rainer as some kind of horned beast, in other words a pitifully evil creature, the type of which hired Tamsin to find Bo way back when. But the mounting evidence suggests that Rainer is a handsome idealist with no evil leanings, and Bo decides that she’ll bond with him for the mutual benefit of fulfilling their destiny and creating a new future for the fae. Unless…

Pyripuss – The Dark King. AKA: Bo’s dad. Bo, Rainer and Rosette encounters a cult who’s symbol is a fire-breathing horse. Bo recalls all that carousel imagery she encountered last year, and it all starts to fall into place: Bo and Rainer can officially join forces and thus free Pyripuss from his prison in Hel (not Hell), or she could let Rainer die and keep her father contained. To repeat, they chose the former, but as to what the plan is from there, no one knows.

The Queen Bee Prophecy – And then there’s the fact that Rosette appeared and started calling Bo “My Queen” right off the bat, what’s the deal there? That answer comes easily enough via a scroll from Clan Zamora left to Dyson by Hale. It features a coat of arms on the back that indicates that Bo’s not just some kind of Queen, but some kind of Chosen One too. Another prophecy lists off a who’s who of the gang, a roll call in verse of all the people that will help Queen Bee, or Queen Bo, accomplish her works. That is to say everyone’s referenced but Kenzi. Kenzi wasn’t too upset to be insulted though, and she asks Bo to be unclaimed and freed from anything fae-related.

Speaking of being freed from anything fae-related, Lauren enacted the other part of her plan to get back at the Morrigan. Basically it involved a potion to make Evony human and delivered by – ahem – let’s just say the exchange of fluids. Seduction was involved, and if you though Bo was good at using sex as a weapon, then the Doc certainly upped the ante. Lauren called it “The Lewis solution for Difficult Fae” and Evony’s system could accept the changes, or she could end up dead within the hour.

Evony’s plan to deal with her new found humanness was to call for help from her son: Massimo. Yes, Massimo is Evony’s son, and if were to read the subtext their relationship has been complete dysfunctional, and not just in a Buster and Lucille kind of way. For added dysfunction, it seems that Massimo was raised by Vex, who sets the kid free rather than help Kenzi carry out revenge on the druid for Hale’s murder. Massimo has a ton of issues of his own, primarily that he’s not enough of monster for mother, and that he doesn’t like it when everyone keeps calling him a monster. Talk about a complex. It’s just that kind of psychodrama that drives one to swallow the last Una mens seed and perhaps unleash Hel on Earth.

On paper, this all sounds very compelling. The conundrum of Massimo being a human in the fae world not only mirrors Kenzi’s struggles, but is compelling given prevalent fae attitudes about humans. (It also reminds me of squibs from Harry Potter, Muggles who are born of wizarding parents, and how they were treated by Voldemort’s followers.) Having Massimo be Evony’s son, and raised by Vex when his mother disowned him added some nice color to those characters. Paul Amos, who is typically great delivering comic relief as Vex, did really powerful work as the mesmer tried to dissuade Massimo from his mission of doom. Even Emmanuelle Vaugier, who’s rarely asked to do more than be the Devil in Prada as Evony, was impressively cruel in those mother/son scenes with Massimo, while funny and vulnerable when Lauren unleashes her magic (so to speak).

As for Kenzi’s story, I think they were pushing things making her very revenge minded. Kenzi’s never really struck me as the Punisher type, especially since this isn’t the first time there’s been loss and injustice, although this is the first time it cut so close to home. What was more compelling was Kenzi’s sense that Bo had more important things than her in her time of grief, the sudden revelation that Bo was a queen and the fact that there’s no overt reference to Kenzi in the prophecies didn’t help. I hope that’s an interpretation problem, or a side effect of history being re-written because that would be like DC Comics re-writing Batman’s history without Robin.

As we head into next week’s finale, what I hope for is finally some reconciliation of all those prophecies and would be bad guys. What’s so scary about Bo’s dad? What’s his motivation? Why was Trick working overtime to keep Rainer from Bo if he’s not such a bad guy? Why did the Una mens have to die, and what does that mean for the future of the fae? So many questions, and only one hour left to answer them all. That’s going to be tough with another apocalypse to unravel.

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