Shaiene Woodley‘s got it made in the shade with a starring role in the big new franchise based on a popular best-selling book series. Indeed, Divergent has made $100 million so far at the domestic box office and seems primed to carry on to complete the trilogy for all those nervous completists out there. Sadly though for Spider-Man completists, that means that Woodley is even more unlikely to come back for any future Amazing Spider-Man films.

That news may make the people who didn’t like the idea of Woodley essaying Mary Jane Watson happy, but I guess it means that Woodley isn’t the next Jennifer Lawrence after all. As you know J-Law is already balancing two franchises with The Hunger Games and X-Men, three if you count David O. Russell movies.

To recap, Woodley was cast to play Watson in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2, but for reasons that are confusing, Mary Jane was cut from the film because either a) she didn’t fit in with the rest of the film’s story direction, or b) she signed up for Divergent and was about to become “too big” to play MJ. It seems that the later is more apt as Woodley herself has taken herself out of the running to play Mary Jane in the future.

“I have no idea and I don’t know that I’d even want to do two franchises at this point. Having been through this,” she said about whether or not she was asked back as Spidey’s favorite red head. Check out the interview clip via You Tube embed below:

On the other hand, maybe Woodley doesn’t want to be part of the internet culture that was basically saying that she was too homely to play Mary Jane, and on that count you can’t blame her. Even at the below link there were some pretty ugly things being said by guys who, I guarantee, are no oil paintings themselves (as my father would say). On the other hand, maybe she just wants more time to spend some of that Divergent money. You only live once, after all.

What do you Bastards think: is no Woodley as MJ for the best, or did you want to see what she could do with the part? Sound off below.

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