The more I see from James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the more excited I get for it. At first, I wasn’t completely sold on the director’s Troma-raised sense of humor translating properly to the Marvel universe. Then came that awful post-credits scene in Thor: the Dark World, which looked like Benicio Del Toro had wandered in from a painting party he had just visited while on peyote. It wouldn’t be until the teaser trailer that I began to turn around, as now all I want to do is watch Chris Pratt crack wise in outer space while flexing his newly sculpted muscles (Andy Dwyer grew up F-I-N-E).

Now comes some high-res looks at the characters, so you can parse through every whisker on Rocket Raccoon’s face before photoshopping your head onto his body. The detail in these is pretty amazing, and yet another reason why I’m super pumped for Gunn’s first foray in the Marvel Universe.

If you’re familiar with your marketing materials, you’ll notice that each of these following character pics has been pulled from the teaser poster:


But look quite cool when isolated by themselves:






Will we be thanking this motley crew come August 1 when Guardians hits theaters? Or will this be Marvel’s first out-and-out misfire, too weird for an audience groomed on familiarity? I don’t know, but my ticket’s sold. Now excuse me while I start inserting Groot into family photos.

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