So that might be an exaggeration (as I’m sure your Black Widow fan films are PER-VER-TED!), but I’ve got to hook you somehow, right?

Luc Besson is the king of creating badass, female action leads, and his latest, Lucy, seems to be no different, pitting Scarlett Johansson as a “merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic” (the press release’s words, not mine) against what seems to be the entirety of China’s organized crime syndicate. There’s a rocket launcher wielded against her at one point, so I’m probably going to watch it.

Besson films can go either way. For every Leon or Fifth Element (which I’m not in love with quite as hard as everyone else), we get an Angel-A or The Family. At first, Lucy looks like the French action auteur playing in a very familiar sandbox, until Morgan Freeman starts spouting off goofiness about her utilizing 100% of her brain and I start having flashbacks to that Bradley Cooper/Brain Pills atrocity Limitless. But who knows — Besson playing with sci-fi elements yet again could yield positive results. It’s just a shame he didn’t bring along Gary Oldman in a funny hairdo this time. 

Lucy hits theaters August 8, 2014. Check the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments:

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