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ABOVE: Pokemon Umbreon dog cosplay. I’m surprised the dogs owners were able to get this shot, most dogs would comically be in a panic shaking their head and walking backwards.  [Geekologie]


Chest of Dragon Eggs is a cake made by attackofthecakes.You don’t have to be a Khaleesi to appreciate them, but when the cake is gone you may shout “Where is my cake”? [The Mary Sue]


The bathrooms at Ren Fairs are the worst, if your’re a centaur. When you gotta go, you gotta go.  [Tosh.O]


This huge Gundam tombstone is on display with more traditional tombstones at a Japanese monument shop in Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture. Oh god, what if the dead persons spirit brought life to the Gundam? Spirit Gundam X, boom there you go Japan I just gave you a premise for a new Gundam show. [Technabob]

Talk Nerdy to Me: A parody of Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” by Chad and Angie from the Screen Team! Wonderful! Chad is a lucky man… I’ll leave it at that. [Music Video]

Sam Jackson soes Boy Meets World themed poetry slam. [TonightShow]

Game of Thrones rap parody album feature “Lannista’s Paradise”. The song is moderately funny, but the best part was the fake album cover at the beginning. If it were real, I’d give up my Dragon Eggs (cake) for it. [Geekosystem]

Spider-Man recreated in real life dive off 20-story building. Should I be concerned that no one tried to help Mary Jane? Well, it is New York… [Improv Everywhere]

Movie Spider-Man dances with Chibi Spider-Man in weird Evian commercial. It’s a whole lot more fun than anything we’ve seen from the actual movie so far. [EvianBabies]

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