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ABOVE: Millennium Falcon car. You know you want it! It made the Taco Bell run in less than 12 blocks!!! Get one and you’ll be “punching it” in style! [SlashFilm]


Sideshow Collectibles Thor as a Frog statue. One of my all time favorite Thor storylines. If you’ve never seen it, check it out, I’m sure there’s a trade paperback of the story arc. I think you gotta be really hopped up if you wanna buy this.  [ToplessRobot]


Brazilian bikini model Aryane Steinkopf covered in Princess of Power body paint. Anyone else feeling the power of Greyskull? Who else is holding aloft their magic sword? [CBM]

Epic movie voice drive-thru prank. The voice of Screen Rants Honest Trailers is happy to take your order. This is how all fast-food ordering should be like.   [Break]

Skyrim gets a Game of Thrones-style intro, because everything is getting a Game of Thrones style intro these days.  [BuzzFeed]

The Avengers – with some unnecessary censorship. Tony Stark has a filthy mouth! Great now I’m going to expect this hilarity every time I watch movie. [DailyAsgardianNews]

11 must-know facts about Game of Thrones. Know them, live them, and get ready for Sunday’s return. [BuzzFeedVideo]

I know you’re sick of hearing Frozen, but Kristen Bell is awesome. Hear her sing “Want To Build A Snowman” Live—with all the voices. She’ll melt your heart.  [SuperAshzen]

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