‘Pumpkinhead’ Reboot Coming Soon?


Fans of cheesy horror flicks (or just anyone old enough to know what a movie was during the 80s) may remember a visually captivating monster known as Pumpkinhead. And while the creature itself my have looked interesting, the movies themselves were less-than-stellar. Still, the franchise raged on, from the 1988 original to several sequels, a video game and even a comic book. The name of Pumpkinhead lasted (via the magic of the SyFy channel – go figure) all the way into 2007, in fact. Now, the powers-that-be seem to think he deserves another chance at the big screen. That’s right, Pumpkinhead may be getting a reboot.

This idea for a reboot comes from none-other-than, Brad Krevoy – the guy that decided to produce the three questionable sequels to the original Pumpkinhead. He seems to have faith that there is still a following out there that would want to spend money on a proper ticket to see the vengeance-monster slaughter some more people. Whether that is true, of course, remains to be seen.

Personally, I couldn’t sit through 15 minutes of the first sequel. While the original flick was brutal and appealing in its own way, the rest of them ended up as steaming piles of crap.

What say thee, Nerd Readers? Willing to shell out a few bucks for some more Pumpkinhead action? Or does this franchise need to get gutted by the very demon of vengeance that headlines it?


Source: Tracking Board

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