It’s been a long-ass time since the first Goonies flick hit the screens and there have been rumors flying around in recent years about the possibility of a sequel coming. Now it looks like the vague rumors may be solidifying into maybe-possible rumors. The director of the original, Richard Donner, has stepped up and said that a return to the Goonies is on its way.

While being harassed by a sarcastic and generally annoying TMZ reporter, Donner had a few words to say, including mentioning that he was working on the sequel. Check out the video below:

Now, you may have noticed that the reporter in question mentioned something about “just relaunching the new Spider-Man franchise”. We all know that the franchise was relaunched several years ago. TMZ says that the video is recent, but that strange, out-of-place comment makes me scratch my head a bit. Then again, the reporter didn’t really come across as the sharpest crayon in the box.

Since the rumors about a Goonies sequel have been floating around since at least 2007 (when Sean Astin made claims that one was on its way), I do have to wonder if this isn’t just more of the same.

So, you have been warned – a Goonies sequel may be coming. But then again, it might crash and burn like it has several times before. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if this one gets debunked or confirmed sometime in the near future.

There’s also the question of what the focus of the sequel would be. The actors from the original are a tad bit older than they were the first time around. More than 25 years older, in fact. So would they be bringing in new kids to do the adventuring stuff? Or are we going to see a middle-aged version of the Goonies hitting the big screen?

What say the Nerd Readers? Hoping that this one happens, or rolling your eyes with disgust and contempt?

Source: TMZ

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