Hannibal - Season 2

 When last we left Hannibal ‘n Pals, poor Beverly Katz (Hetienne Park) was sliced up by the Ripper, opening the door for non-canon character death, and throwing a monkeywrench into the expectations of Thomas Harris fans like myself. And the good Doctor (Mads Mikkelsen) was nearly exsanguinated by an orderly from the Chesapeake Hospital for the Criminally Insane at the behest of Will Graham (Hugh Dancy).

Tim Hunter‘s “Futamono” finds Hannibal oddly contemplative and plagued by nightmares from his attack–nightmares he attempts to exorcise by composing a piece on his trusty harpsichord (above). AND by sharing his anxieties with Dr. Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas). Last week’s teaser gave us a look at just how far that “sharing” progressed–but one thing at a time.


After chiding Will in the hospital for the by proxy attempted murder of Hannibal Lecter (Bad Will….BAD!), Jack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) has work to do: Our friend the Chesapeake Ripper is back, this time he’s grafted the body of a city councilman into a living tree, and replaced his organs with flowers. The tree was planted in the middle of what was once a habitat for rare songbirds–but was razed and made into a parking lot by that very councilman:


All of the councilman’s organs were removed save for the lungs–examining them not only revealed that he had been drowned, but the water in them gave Crawford’s bunch a good idea of where he was murdered…

Where is Hannibal leading them to, and why?


Meanwhile, Will’s chatting with Abel Gideon (Eddie Izzard) in the hospital while Dr. Frederick Chilton (Raul Esparza)eavesdrops. Chilton is becoming more and more convinced that Will isn’t crazy, and Hannibal is the Ripper. He implores Crawford to at least consider the possibility–but when Crawford speaks to Gideon about what Chilton recorded him saying to Graham, he plays dumb.

If you’ll remember, last season Gideon eviscerated Dr. Chilton–which he barely survived. He also made Chilton look like an idiot when it was revealed Gideon was NOT the Ripper. Oh, and the nurse and hospital attendants Gideon murdered last year were apparently very popular…So it probably didn’t take much coaxing to convince the guards to beat Gideon like a rented mule and throw him down a flight of stairs, breaking his back but not killing him…we’ll get back to that.

There’s a LOT going on in this episode.


After visiting Will, and telling him how disappointed in him he was for trying to have him murdered (BAD WILL!), Hannibal decided to get back at Will by boning his girl–I’m sorry, but that’s how it went down. But it wasn’t just vengeance: It also gave Lecter an ironclad alibi. The next morning, Abel Gideon was discovered missing, and the guard watching him was murdered–gutted and strung up with handmade fishhooks and lures. The kind of lures Will used to make.

The lures contained bits and pieces of just about all of the Ripper’s known victims….AND Will’s supposed victims. PROOF AT LAST! Now they knew: Will didn’t kill anyone–and there was no copycat that continued killing while Will was incarcerated–the Ripper did it all (whoever he is, *nudge, nudge*).

Granted, they didn’t know it was Hannibal yet–but at least they had reason to investigate further now.


Don’t forget about our friend Abel: Dr. Lecter had indeed snatched him in the night as Alana Bloom slept–and taken care of the guard as well. Then Hannibal cut off the man’s useless legs, and made them the centerpiece of a lovely last meal. Yum!

There’s more!



“Futamono” is stylish and VERY layered….I had to watch it twice to properly absorb the whole thing. So much is going on here…I know the decision to have Hannibal and Alana hook up won’t be popular with everyone, but speaking purely in the aesthetic sense, they’re marvelous together. Caroline Dhavernas is stunning in this episode–I can’t quite pinpoint what’s different, but she positively glows.

The episode is stuffed with plot points and revelations….it’s one of those episodes that will really throw you off if you’re following the series and you miss it: Crawford finding his old trainee Miriam Lass (Anna Chlumsky) at the end–who was long thought dead, especially after her severed hand had been located–came out of nowhere and was a true shock in a show already filled with surprises.



As I said, the episode is stylish and layered…which is a good thing, but also means you can’t take your eye off this one for a second, or risk being lost in said layers. Still, there isn’t much that I’d call weak about “Futamono”.

Lecter’s dinner party wasn’t as big a deal as I’d hoped for–it served primarily as an excuse for Crawford to snag some of Hannibal’s goodies, and see if anybody he knew was in them. This scene was teased last week, and one of the first things I said on Facebook about it was anyone who gives an FBI agent a “To Go” plate full of human remains deserves to be caught. Apparently, the writers agreed with me–there was nothing odd about the tibits save for how outrageously expensive they were.

I’m enjoying Will’s increasing darkness–and truth be told my biggest problem with this episode is how little of him there was in it–though I understand there’s only so much you can do with an incarcerated character.

Will gets out next week! I’m very much looking forward to that.

I’ll see all my dear Hannimaniacs then–take care, eat the rude 😉

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