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It’s been a while since we’ve heard some solid news about the new Star Wars flick. The real information gets mixed in with all the damned rumors so we never quite know what’s actually going on. But now, there’s some really-real news from an actual Disney guy! Check out the video below to hear Disney chairman Alan Horn talking a bit about the state of Episode VII.

So they’re already shooting, are they? Actually, that makes sense, regardless of not having a complete cast together. A movie like Star Wars is going to have a seriously wide range of locations and if they want to make that December 2016 release date, getting started ASAP is essential.

You may have also noticed that Horn mentioned that they already have most of the cast lined up. Kudos to Disney for keeping the information from the Internet rumormill. I can’t wait until they make an official casting announcement so we can see which of the rumors were BS and which hit the nail on the head.

And, of course, he emphasized the importance of getting the screenplay exactly right. Which is a relief, especially in light of what George Lucas did to the prequel trilogy. Another bad script could kill the soul of this franchise for good. Personally, I’m relieved that Lawrence Kasdan has had a hand in it. It makes me a little less worried about the final product.

What say the Nerd Readers? Happy to hear that Episode VII has finally turned the cameras on?


Source: THR

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