Just a day after we reported Peter Mayhew would be reprising his role as Chewbacca, we have received news that another Original Trilogy character would NOT be returning for Star Wars: Episode VII.

TMZ recently caught up with actor Billy Dee Williams, and naturally asked him the question that was on everyone’s mind: Would he be up for returning to the Star Wars franchise as everyone’s favorite gambler/administrator/Rebel General: Lando Calrissian?

His response:

Sure. I think a lot of people would love to see Lando come back.

I think so, too 🙂

Unfortunately, no one at Disney or Lucasfilm seems to be on the same page.

In the very same interview where Williams expressed his interest in playing Lando again, he also admitted that no one connected to the new film has been in contact with him–he wasn’t even in the loop enough to be aware that Episode VII had begun filming.

So no Lando this time out, sadly….but there’s always Episodes VIII and IX.

Billy Dee Williams is 77, but just as active and smooth as ever–as he recently demonstrated on Dancing With The Stars.  Sure, back problems forced him to leave the show–and low scores probably would have eventually done the same–but YOU try keeping up with professional dancers half your age on national television.

I know very well I couldn’t–but then, I’m not Billy Dee Freakin’ Williams.

It would be awesome to see him return to the SW universe as an “elder statesmen”, so to speak. Sure, the franchise will survive without him, just as it will survive without a number of supporting characters from the first six films, but the presence of someone like Billy Dee as Lando could be the difference between a “passable” or “satisfactory” follow-up to the OT, and a truly awesome new series of films.

Episodes VII, VIII, and IX are going to have to swing for the fences if they have any hope of equaling the Original Trilogy, or avoiding the mistakes of the Prequels. Including fan favorite characters in the new trilogy will be a big help.

Source: Cinema Blend

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