Brace Yourselves for ‘The Truman Show’ TV Show

truman show

In perhaps what is one of the most meta television adaptations ever to be greenlit, the 1998 movie The Truman Show will be making its way to the small screen. And while some may lament this decision, saying that the movie was good enough, isn’t this, perhaps more than any other property that Hollywood has decided to adapt to TV, the perfect movie to turn into a series?

Directed by Peter Weir with a script written by Andrew Niccol (Gattaca), the original Truman Show followed the life and times of Truman Burbank (played by Jim Carrey), a man that had been raised in a bubble, his life broadcast to the world as the ultimate form of reality entertainment. That is, of course, until he figured out what was going on and escaped from captivity.

The original flick was a nice bit of writing with some deeper messages regarding the way we treat entertainment and how far people are willing to go when it comes to filling their voyeuristic needs. And, in my opinion, this is the kind of story that a television series deals with more effectively than a movie. That is, of course, unless they turn it into a weekly bout of slapstick and bad one-liners. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on cast and crew, so we can’t make any first judgments on whether it will turn out to be gold or steaming crap.

What say the Nerd Readers? Do you think that the Truman Show would work well as a TV series? Or was the message of the movie good enough for you?


Source: The Wrap

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