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With Fox choosing to reboot the Fantastic Four series soon (and so soon after the last incarnation), there’s a lot of questions from the fans as to what they plan to do with it. The last two flicks were, after all, a bit of a mess. Furthermore, the casting decisions have left some people a little bit skeptical about how the movie is going to play out. Now, none-other-than Sue Storm herself, Kate Mara, talks a bit about the film. Scroll on for the video.

Although Mara really doesn’t have much to say about it, at least we do know they’ll begin filming in a few weeks (which means set stills are forthcoming) and that the tone may indeed be more along the lines of what FF fans would prefer. I find it kind of amusing that she knows little about the role or the comics and nothing about the suit, but I’d put money down that most of the actors that come to these roles are in a similar boat. Hugh Jackman was once completely ignorant of Wolverine, but now he’s become a household lust-object with adamantium claws. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Mara brings to the role.

And, hopefully, it won’t suck balls.

What say the Nerd Readers? Do Mara’s words inspire any confidence in you? Or is it the complete opposite?


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