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ABOVE: Bruce Campbell. Nathan Fillion. They met at a convention and began the most beautiful bromance in all of nerdom. [Bruce Campbell’s Twitter]


You’ll never see a more disgustingly accurate cosplay of a Gamorrean Guard. It’s got snot! Bravo, CDN SW Freak. [Fashionably Geek]


No, this isn’t another incredible cosplay, what this is an exceptional photo of Sideshow Collectibles uncannily lifelike Darth Maul figure. Captured by Romain Vendrell the final results are stunning! See more at Nerd Approved.


Fans will go to any lengths for their screen accurate figurines. Case in point, deviantArt’s lulemee who’s repainted Disney’s Frozen dolls to better reflect their animated counterparts. Sure, it’s far more detail than you could reasonably expect of a mass-produced toy, but lulemee’s creations are amazing. Check out more at The Mary Sue!


Speaking of Disney, do you remember Treasure Planet? It’s definitely not one of their best remembered features, which is a shame because it’s pretty fantastic and had Emma Thompson as this kick-ass chick, Captain Amelia. Ryoko-demon‘s is just as kick-ass and beyond impressive. Hell, I’d believe this came from a live-action remake! (Except, even that likely wouldn’t look as good as this cosplay.) [Fashionably Geek]


No Trekkie (or Trekker) should travel without this Tricorder Messenger Bag. Available in June, pre-order now from Entertainment Earth.


Created by Steve Seck, this poster features a character or creature from every episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000… ever! Can you spot Tom Servo? Hint he’s next to an amputated arm, under a giant spider, and Godzilla is giving him a wary, side eyed glance. Buy a print of your own and get a character key! [Topless Robot]

Relax and chill out with this smooth jazz version of the Game of Thrones theme. You either love some jazz flute, or you die. [Nerd Approved]

Batkid will forever be a star. And he’s back in action again, this time throwing out the first pitch at the Giants’ home opener. [Nerd Approved]


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