It looks like yet another Vertigo title will be heading to the television screen, folks. We’ve already heard about Constantine and Preacher, and Sandman is getting the movie treatment, so it only makes sense that DC’s mature comic line would be generating even more interest from the industry world. The newest addition to the family is a series called Scalped and it will be coming to WGN America.

If you haven’t heard of Scalped, it’s basically a crime noir piece set on a Native American Reservation. It’s a serious story that follows the trials of the reservation inhabitants as they deal with real-world issues such as crime, poverty, drugs and more while trying to hold on to what makes them who they are. Scalped was written by Jason Aaron with art from R.M. Guera and has received a ton of critical praise.

The series started out in 2007 and progressed over 60 issues before it finally came to an end, so they’ll have plenty to work with at the very least. The script for the show is being put together my Doug Jung (Banshee), who will also act as executive producer for the show.

Personally, this is one series that never showed up on my radar, but I’ve always been a fan of pretty much everything that comes out in the Vertigo line. Anybody out there familiar with Scalped? Do you think this is a show that you could get behind?


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