Because if a day goes by without us getting something new about the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie the terrorists win, we’ve got some more Spider-Man news. As we count down to the release of the film, fate (and the internet) brings us a pair of new interviews with the cast and crew, and some provocative potential spoilers courtesy of one of the film’s social media outlets. So what ties all this together? As a wise man once said: Think about the future. So without further ado, let’s consider the future of Spider-Man

To begin, let’s watch some videos. In these interviews with Total Film (and shared through Comic Book Movie) cast members like Dane DeHaan (Harry Osborn) and Jamie Foxx (Electro) talk about the possible future doings of the Sinister Six, while director Marc Webb sheds light on other areas like the whereabouts of one Mary Jane Watson and other loose plot threads. Check out the videos embedded below, and then keep scrolling down for further developments.

Of course we know that that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is already stuffed with villains, but is there room for a couple of more? That’s the question thanks to a bit from the Daily Bugle Tumblr blog (via /Film), which name drops not one, but two, Spider-villains who become possessed by alien symbiotes.

By Eddie Brock

The greater New York tri-state area got a whole lot safer yesterday. Captured late last night, Cletus Kasady, escaped serial killer and notorious redhead, was eerily calm and subdued when he eagerly surrendered to the FBI. The manhunt for the FBI’s Most Wanted felon ended innocuously in a small strip mall outside of New Rochelle, New York.

A barista at a local coffee shop recognized Kasady and eventually called the police. The barista apologized to reporters later admitting she didn’t immediately alert authorities hoping Spider-Man would beat them to the scene. “What can I say? I am a HUGE fan.”

Kasady had been sentenced to twelve life sentences for the twelve murders he committed — but escaped while being transported between federal prisons. Sources say Kasady has been remanded to Ravencroft Institute for further interrogation until he is relocated to a maximum security federal prison. While the barista didn’t get her wish, we know Spider-Man thanks her… as we all do. For now it appears that Kasady won’t be causing any more carnage.

“Carnage.” Ha! Good one. It’s well known that Sony wants to exploit develop the Spider-Man franchise and develop a whole universe of films based on that one character license, and of course a movie based on Venom is one of the possibilities. Venom’s alter ego is Brock, and Carnage’s is Kasady, and when the alien symbiote Venom reproduces, the offspring bonds to Kasady and Carnage is born. So might this be a bit of fishing, setting up a future appearance by Venom for, say, Amazing Spider-Man 3, which could then lead into a Venom solo movie in which he would fight Carnage? I guess we’ll find out.

The Amazing Spider-Man is in theaters everywhere on May 2.

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