Flash Gordon may be one of the the 20th century’s first science fiction icons and an inspiration for George Lucas when he created his own space opera, but most are familiar with the guy from that rather cheesy 1980 movie with a kick-ass soundtrack by Queen. (FLAAASH! AHAHHHH!) That Flash Gordon is a cult classic, but not necessarily the on screen adaptation the character deserved. Which is where Star Trek 3 writers, J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay come in, as the two are rumored to be working on a script for a reboot.

The screenwriters are, for the most part, totally unknown. With no previous work to cite, Payne and McKay are the chosen pair behind Star Trek Into Darkness‘ sequel, the still untitled Star Trek 3. Clearly, the duo must have impressed J.J. Abrams in order the land the job (that or J.J.’s simply throwing in the towel for Trek 3 now that’s he’s landed that Star Wars gig).

But a Flash Gordon reboot? It’s not entirely out of the question. I mean, when has Hollywood ever passed up the chance to milk a little more cash out of a tried and true property? Flash Gordon has continued to be successful on the printed page, so there’s no reason that with the right treatment the series couldn’t make a comeback on the big screen.

Having said that, the only thing backing up this rumor is the word of Film Divider, a newer entertainment blog on the interwebz, and an interview Payne had with MormonArtist.com earlier this year where mentions he and McKay are working on the Flash Gordon reboot. So, perhaps?

It’s really to early to say for sure whether or not a Flash Gordon reboot is on the way. And even if Payne and McKay are working on a screenplay, the final decision will likely be held until that script is finished. What do you think, though? Is Flash Gordon a property you’d like to see have another chance at the movies?

Source: Film Divider (via Cinema Blend)


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