Even with the, much deserved, criticism that Sam Rami’s third foray into the movie world of Spider-Man gathers anytime someone mentions the movie on the Internet, the film did have some amazingly cool stuff in it. The problem was that there was just too much of everything, to many characters, too many villains, too much dancing dousche Peter Parker. Turns out, there was some amazing stuff created for the film that wasn’t used, like this Venom costume.Frontline Designs Inc, the people behid the new Man of Steel costume made this Venom suit back in 2004 for Rami’s Spider-Man 3, but it sadly wasn’t used. They also did a bunch of other stuff for the movie which you cna see in their company video after the Venom still.


It’s a cool looking suit and a good base for the character, but it would need some CGi to make the suit come to life the way we love it in the comics. Rami’s team didn’t do a bad job as far as the visual characteristics of the Venom character, but it just fell flat with everything else going on in the movie.

Yeah, I’m talking about you dancing Peter:

The other effects for the venom suit were pretty damn cool, when removed form the rest of the train wreck of a movie and considered on their own.

There were also some Black suit Spider-man pics and a couple more of Venom:

Here’s the Frontline Designs Inc projects video, they’ve done a lot of work in movies you’ve probably seen.

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