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ABOVE: I’m throwing a big Easter brunch on Sunday and I was considering doing a Game of Thrones theme and making dragon eggs, but I think I’d much rather terrify my guests by making zombie Easter eggs. I doubt my versions will look as awesome as the ones pictured above, which are handpainted by the very talented Lesley Jensen. [Between the Pages


The Backpack Shoppe has a lot of geeky goods, but their dinosaur wine racks are my new obsession. Dubbed ‘Wine-O-Saurs’ these handcrafted wooden holders come in three different finishes and take about 3-5 days to ship.


Mystique isn’t an easy cosplay to do, mostly because she’s completely naked and blue but with the help of makeup artist Veronica Hervas and photographer Jose Manchado, cosplayer Sara pulls it off flawlessly!  [Geek x Girls]


Whether it’s comic, film or cartoon, all of Spidey’s faces are here. [Geeks Are Sexy]

robots in real world

Artist Steve Talkowski shows us how adorable robots would handle everyday tasks with these 3D models he made for the March of the Robots challenge. I’m totally jealous that this robot can play on his phone and hold his coffee! Why don’t I have an extra arm? [Laughing Squid]

princess bride chocolates

The blend of white and dark chocolate make these treats from Princess Bride Tweasure inconceivably good! Sprinkle them with a little iocane powder to build up your immunity.  [Geek with Curves]


No fair! How come Sonic gets to go to Hogwarts and I’m still waiting for my letter? [Fashionably Geek]

kid icarus lego set

Laughing Squid has collected several Nintendo LEGO CUUSOO sets, like the Kid Icarus: Uprising one pictured above, in the hopes that the more we talk about a LEGO-Nintendo partnership the more likely that it will become a reality. Please, guys, we want to give you are money. Let us give you our money!

Some mashups are more epic than others and with hits like I Don’t Know How to Love Him featuring Miss Piggy Magdalene and Simon Zealotes featuring Fozzie and Electric Mayhem, this Muppet Christ Superstar might be the mashup to end all mashups. [io9]

Speaking of Kermit, after decades of living with the perfection that is Miss Piggy, our favorite frog suffers a breakdown…. in front of a bunch of small children! [Topless Robot]

Cumbersome machinery is apparently way better at Jenga than I am. [Geekologie]

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