11th Doctor Lives in New Comic Book ‘Doctor Who’


It was with a lot of disappointment (and admittedly some jubilation on the other hand) that Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith regenerated into Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi at the end of the Doctor Who Christmas special this past December. And although Capaldi’s adventures as the Time Lord don’t kick off on television till later this year, those already missing space and time fairing with Eleven will be pleased to know that you’ll be able to carry on with the bow-tie clad hero… In comic book form!

Writers Al Ewing and Rob Williams have been announced as the duo who have been given the unenviable task of continuing the adventures of the Eleventh Doctor. Or maybe it is enviable. Either way, they’re relatively free to tell any story they want with the character, so long as they don’t contravene anything that’s already happened. That is to say they know when The Eleventh Doctor’s story started, and they know how it ended, so where does this Doctor’s comic book adventures start?

According to Williams, their stories will take place between series five and six; as the Ponds, Amy and Rory, were enjoying their honeymoon, The Doctor was in search of new adventures. “I think he’s been alone too long and is looking for a new ‘friend,’” Williams explained. “We’re going to give him three of them.”

Did he say three new companions? “[W]e’re giving you three brand new companions here, with their own arcs, their own unknown fates,” added Ewing. “If we do our jobs well you’ll care about these characters and you don’t know if they’re all making it out alive, physically or emotionally. So, I like to think we’re offering more than ‘another’ Who comic.

“Of course, we know [the Eleventh] Doctor’s ultimate fate, and a comic featuring adventures of [former companions] Rory and Amy would only offer so much in terms of drama,” he continued.

So we know the when, and the who (hehheh), how about the what? According to Williams, during the course of the comic we’ll meet “a mysterious, very pivotal figure from the Doctor’s past.” Additionally, there will be “space battles, blues music, a big alien dog, time doing things it shouldn’t, teaching someone how to live. Oh, and monsters and running away from monsters. Obviously.”

Ewing put it more simply: “New friends, new enemies, new aliens — but the same action and adventure!” he said. “Read it from behind your sofa, Who Believers!”

As for their Who credentials, both men say they’ve got Who in their bones. Of course, they’re both English and have cut their teeth on another British pop culture institution, Judge Dredd, but do they bleed TARDIS blue?

Doctor Who is so deeply entrenched in the culture that you can’t actually dig it out or say what it is, because Doctor Who is everything,” says Ewing, who’s currently penning the American adventures of The Mighty Avengers. “[I]t’s ten different shows and a movie and what that means for you is affected by how old you were for each Doctor, each massively different TV show with the same name, and where it stood in the culture at the time…”

As for Williams, he watches the show with his son making Doctor Who time the same as family time. “We sit down and watch it together and it feels like an event in the house,” he explains, saying that it “really brings home to me the generational appeal of the show.”

For Williams, he understands that in taking on the comic book adventures of The Doctor, it means that “we should be writing comics that all Who fans can enjoy.”

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor will be out on shelves, both hard copy and digital, this coming June.



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