Even if you’re not a religious Arrowhead like me, you’ve still likely been drawn in to the amazing writing and execution of the latest season of CW’s Arrow series. The first season was pretty rocky, but they’ve stepped up their game and have been delivering some seriously quality television. But with only five episodes left, it’s about time to start wondering what they plan on doing for season 3. Luckily, Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg has stepped up to talk a little bit about the show and where they might be taking it. 

In a recent interview with TV Fanatic, Kreisberg had plenty to say about the show (warning! he lets loose with plenty of spoilers, so read that article at your own risk!), including a few things on season 3.

Concerning the development of Team Arrow in the wake of Oliver’s impending poverty:

“…we’re going to start Season 3 with Oliver in very different circumstances than he’s been before, which, obviously, him being in different circumstances changes the circumstances of his paid bodyguard [Diggle] and his paid assistant [Felicity] since he can no longer pay them.”

He said this about the potential for another Oliver and Laurel shipping:

“It’s Oliver and Laurel! It’s Lois and Clark! They can break up, get together, sleep together, break up, get married, get divorced, she forgets him…the one thing success has enabled us to do is to slow play some things and I think that we’ve really adopted this mantra of we give people what they need even if that’s not what they want.”

“Having Oliver and Laurel get together in Season 1 was, I think, that’s what people  needed then and then they needed to go on a break so Oliver could have his storyline with Sara for this season, which is what felt right to us.”

“Laurel is always going to be one of the closest people to him whether that’s romantic or not.”

He also mentioned that the tone of the show will be changed up, making comparisons to later seasons of Buffy and Angel and the way they matured over time. And while, personally, I have no problem with most of what he had to say… do we really need another Oliver and Laurel romantic storyline? I sincerely hope he wasn’t suggesting that they’ll get together again. I’ve been over it since half-way through season one and can do without its return. Besides, if they’re returning to that story arc, does that mean we’re going to have to say bye-bye to Sara? Some have been speculating that she’s going to bite the dust this season, though I suppose it’s just as likely she’ll end up heading back to the League of Assassins on some unfinished business. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

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