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ABOVE: If you are going to crochet a Admiral Ackbar cup sleeve for your coffee, you are obligated to shout “It’s a frap!”  [ThatNerdalicious]

Hot Topic has unveiled a 9 item limited edition collection inspired by Disney’s upcoming twisted fairy tale, Maleficent. You always knew you were wicked, now dress the part. [GeekTyrant]


The first Instagram from space is of astronaut NASA astronaut Steve Swanson in a Firefly T-Shirt. You go Steve, you BIG DAMN HERO.  [i09]


With a vegetable steamer in her chest Nona Neon Gipsy Danger costume is ready to battle Kaiju in the kitchen. [FashionablyGeek]


Bad-ass armored Pikachu. Pika-what? [Cheezburger]

PBSoffbook explores some of the idea’s behind cosplay and how it changes lives. [TheMarySue]

Watch the all-new Pixar Easter Egg Challenge and see how many hidden gems you can find from your favorite Pixar films! [DisneyPixar]

Mario Bros themed played on 48 wine glasses. Oh I wanna do this at home. Any excuse to drink excessively, right? [Dan Newbie]

And now, T-Shirts You Gotta Buy… TODAY! (Before they’re gone.)




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