The Hobbit: There And Back Again is a fine title for the third and final installment of Peter Jackson’s trilogy. It’s taken from the book, it’s catchy and suggests the film is the last chapter in the tale.

Good as it may be, it might not be the title Warner Bros. sticks with.

TheOneRing.net is reporting that a reliable source says WB has registered The Hobbit: Into The Fire as a possible title for the film. A title change just months before the movie hits theaters? It’s weird but not totally outlandish. While There And Back Again has been the assumed titled for a couple years, WB hasn’t released much promotional material with it printed so they wouldn’t be in too much of a bind.

From a financial point of view, Into The Fire is a much “sexier” title than There And Back Again, which sounds like it could be a family drama or even a romantic comedy. While fans of the series know it’s taken directly from the book, WB is trying to grab the attention of more than just die-hard Tolkien fans. Into The Fire is exciting and dramatic and could put a few more asses in seats.

Now there’s a chance this is all just WB covering its bases with no plans for a title change. Movie studios always register many titles just to play it safe. Or maybe this will be a Hobbit video game or other movie tie-in.

However, it’s possible that WB is trying to end Jackson’s second trilogy with a bang, bringing in as big an audience as possible. We all know the Hobbit films haven’t had the same success as the Lord Of The Rings so maybe Warner Bros is trying to appeal to a large, mass audience with the promise of a fiery, explosive finale.

Source: CinemaBlend

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