Batman is turning 75 this year and the folks at DC and Warner Bros. are doing their best to give us a little taste of all-things-Caped Crusader. The latest is another animated short, this one set within the world of Batman Beyond. It was released at Wondercon on Saturday the 19th, though it’s not likely to be the last of these little surprises. Check out just over a minute of Batman-y goodness courtesy of writer and artist, Darwyn Cooke.

With the 75th anniversary of Bats in full-swing, some are speculating that we’ll see some interesting stuff from the WB camp. We know that Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman is getting a special Blu-ray release and that the Adam West-starring Batman television series is finally being released on video. There’s also a new video game, some new animated films and the airing of the Gotham television show.

But will we, as many are hoping, finally get a look at the batsuit that’s going to be used in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman flick? Personally, I’d put money on us seeing it at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

What say thee, Nerd Readers? Excited to see so much Bat-centric love going on this year?


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