There was a new Star Wars Rebels clip shown at WonderCon this weekend featuring the fast flying, quick shooting Hera, voiced by Vanessa Marshall, who introduces herself with this clip.

To help set up the clip’s scene, this description was provided:

Hera, captain of the Ghost, pilots her starship during a battle with two TIE fighters. Chopper delivers a message from Kanan, currently engaging the TIEs in the top turret. The Jedi is apparently displeased with Hera’s maneuvering. In response, she takes matters into her own hands…


What did you think of the clip? I find myself liking this style of animation and the characters so far look interesting and entertaining. If they can continue this kind of mix that includes both action and character development, we can expect to have a fun ride with this series.

Since this will be the first animated Star Wars production under the Disney banner, fans will be closely scrutinizing this first dip into the Star Wars pool.

There’s no specific air date yet, but it should be on Disney XD later this fall.

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