Writer-producer Simon Kinberg, fresh from the soon to be released X-Men: Days of Future Past, and still working on the Fantastic Four reboot, talked with IGN recently regarding the first of the planned Star Wars “standalone” films that are intended to tide fans over during the downtime separating Episodes VII, VIII, and IX.

The big question? Will these spin-offs have any connection to the Star Wars Expanded Universe of novels, video games, and comic books? You know what to do if you wanna find out: 

Oh, and you can relax:

There is no plan to re-awaken the horror that was Ewoks: Battle for Endor. I just wanted to provide a little perspective–when a new Star Wars spin-off film comes to pass, it’s important the filmmakers remember history, or they are doomed to repeat it (plus I’m something of a Bastard–that’s why I work here).

No, a SW spin-off flick will more than likely be about one of these fellows:


Anyhoo, here’ the interview, as promised:

So here’s the Cliff Notes version, in case you refuse to spare a minute and eight seconds of your busy day–or your lousy computer/mobile device won’t play the video:

Kinberg, naturally, is under orders from his Disney overlords not to reveal any information that would be of actual use or interest.

As for the EU, he VAGUELY implied possibly using parts of it for inspiration….maybe. Particularly in connection with the new animated series Star Wars: Rebels, which Kinberg is also writing for.

Me, I’m putting most of my faith in the one definitive thing he said–his last words in the interview:

I know for the movies, the canon is the canon–and the canon is the six films that exist

In other words: MAYBE some EU stuff might creep its way into a tv series or something–but don’t hold your breath for anything on the big screen.

Personally, I’m glad to hear this: Oh, I like the EU very much–it’s what kept Star Wars alive while Lucas and company took their sweet-ass time making new movies. HOWEVER, it would be difficult as hell to integrate canon and EU with anything resembling consistency.

That decision was made when the Prequels came out, which re-wrote many elements of SW history that the Expanded Universe had previously established…Too late to go back now, for better or worse.

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