Resident Evil Afterlife

Resident Evil fans already knew another movie was in the works, because love it or not, the Resident Evil movie franchise is a money-maker, and money makers get sequels. The good news is that the creative force behind the entire series of movies Paul Anderson, is still fully in charge of the script and about to get started on the yet unnamed Resident Evil 6 script.

Now the series might not make much money domestically, in fact, most have done dismally. Not even recouping the film’s budget, but the franchise regularly crushes it when it comes to the International market. Just look at the numbers from the last film, Resident Evil: Retribution made in 2012. On an estimated budget of  $65 million the movie only grossed just under $45 and a half million domestically, while scooping up an impressive $240 million world-wide. Throw in DVD and Blue Ray sales and you’ve got yourself a money-maker.

While in China, speaking at the Beijing International Film Festival, Anderson talked about the future of 3D in Hollywood and went on to talk about where production for Resident Evil 6 stands. Jump to the 1:17 mark for his Resident Evil remarks.

You may have heard or seen rumors with this same video saying that the next movie in the franchise will be called, Resident Evil: Rising. That was just a misquote from CNTV, when transcribing text. CNTV put in their story:

I have to go home tomorrow for Rising Resident Evil.

You can watch the video and clearly hear him saying:

I have to go home tomorrow to start writing Resident Evil.

Some sites have been running with the misquote.

Not only will the franchise continue in Anderson’s hands, the corner-stone of the series Milla Jovovich is said to be locked in to return as the series lead character Alice. While the series could easily just recast the role, I feel better with Jovovich back. Someday the role will be recast, but not today.

Resident Evil 6 has a 2015 release date, and although the specific date is yet to be determined, most likely it will be in September. It’s and easy prediction to make, the rest of the films have premiered in September.

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