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With all this talk of The Avengers, Batman Vs. Superman and Star Wars: Episode VII some of you may have forgotten that a new Star Trek film is on the way. Lacking J.J. Abrams, Paramount is currently looking for a new director to take on the storied franchise.

Names have been tossed around, rumors have been heard and now apparently one guy is lobbying hard for the job. That guy? Star Trek, Transformers and Fringe writer/mastermind Roberto Orci. With him comes someone who has been a part of the new rebooted series since its inception. With him also comes controversy and questions.

Orci and his (former) partner Alex Kurtzman worked on a bunch of stuff, most notably Star Trek, Into Darkness and whatever the third one will be called. Variety says that Kurtzman and Orci are now splitting up professionally, doing their own separate things. The thing at the top of Orci’s list is directing Star Trek 3. Sources say folks inside Bad Robot are on board but Paramount is much more hesitant because this would be Orci’s first directorial project. Nothing like diving into a massive, expensive production for your first film, huh?

Kurtzman (left) and Orci (right)

Kurtzman (left) and Orci (right)

While Paramount might be looking at his lack of experience, it’s his ample amount of experience that worries fans. Looking at Orci’s IMDb page, you see a couple of base hits but very few home runs. Fringe was good, sure, and I’ve always been a die-hard fan of Mission: Impossible 3. But then there is stuff like the Transformers movies, The Island (bet you forgot about that Michael Bay stinker, huh?) and Cowboys & Aliens. Simply put, Orci’s work has never been very smart or – frankly – very good. And Star Trek fans aren’t wild about him either so his selection as director wouldn’t get the base on board, which is desperately needed after many walked away disappointed with Into Darkness.

Then there’s a whole other side of Orci, including his bizarre, conspiracy-laden thoughts on Twitter. The guy is a 9/11 truther and conspiracy theorist to the highest degree and that can definitely be off-putting to say the least. Would Paramount be willing to play cover for this guy if he runs his mouth as the release date looms?

Orci comes with a lot of baggage and I would be surprised if Paramount gave him the go-ahead. But he’s definitely trying. And while he might not land Star Trek 3 he is obviously looking to jump into directing so we will be seeing his name more and more as time goes on.

If Orci doesn’t get the job, who would you like to see direct Star Trek 3? 


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