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It looks like a little more Star Wars: Episode VII news has come down from the official sources that live on Disney Mountain. This time we have an interview with the chairman of Disney Studios, Alan Horn. In a recent talk with Bloomberg TV, he had a few things to say about the new franchise installment, including the casting, shooting locations, budgeting estimates, potential release date changes and George Lucas’ continued involvement with the Star Wars franchise. Read on for all the details.

First and foremost, Horn declared that there will be no new information regarding the cast of the movie. They want to keep it a secret, so they ain’t telling. Oh well, what else is new?

Secondly, he let us know that most of the filming would take place on a soundstage, but that there will be some location shots. He also reiterated what we already knew about the next film getting some time in Abu Dhabi and Morocco. So nothing new there either.

Thirdly, Horn mentioned a rough number for the amount of money they plan on spending to bring Star Wars: Episode VII to life. And that number just happens to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $175-200 million – about right for a large-scale production with a pile of special effects. I imagine it will climb even higher than that as they move forward.

He also mentioned the possibility of bringing the release dates of future Star Wars movies back to May, to keep in line with the way the previous flicks have all released. With all the super hero competition these days, however, it might be better if they just stick to December. I don’t think there are too many people that will argue that Star Wars HAS to release in May.

And, of course, there was a slight nod to George Lucas, letting us know that Kathleen Kennedy still chats with him and that he does indeed have creative influence on the development of Episode VII. Let’s hope that influence doesn’t extend too far…

So there you have it. It’s mostly a bunch of not-news – things that we’ve already seen – but at least there’s a little bit of information coming out about Episode VII. Now we just have to wait and see when they announce the damned casting. Seriously guys, let us know who’s in the bloody thing already.


Source: Bloomberg TV

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