‘Jurassic World’ Sequel Talk Begins

Jurassic World

Jurassic World, the long-anticipated (?) new addition to the Jurassic Park series doesn’t hit theaters until 2015 so of course we are already hearing talk of a sequel.

This is 2014: studios don’t just make one movie.

Speaking with Empire, director Colin Trevorrow spoke a little about World and its return to the universe created by Steven Spielberg back in the 1990’s and how this new movie could launch into a brand new franchise.


“We definitely talked about [sequels] a lot. We wanted to create something that would be a little bit less arbitrary and episodic, and something that could potentially arc into a series that would feel like a complete story.”

That’s definitely a theme these days: creating an actual story and not just movies that share a title. And surely Jurassic World will be able to introduce us to a brand new…well, world that’ll lend itself to many more adventures.

But Trevorrow didn’t just talk about possible follow-ups to his film. He also spoke briefly about the film’s themes and story. Slight spoilers follow so keep that in mind:

“It’s about alpha dominance and the fact that humans have been the alpha species for a very long time”, he explained, “and so now we’ve brought back another that happened to be the alpha species during its time, and we have to co-exist, so what is that relationship?”

I can dig it.

Perhaps the most exciting tidbit that Trevorrow gave Empire is that he plans to use animatronic dinosaurs. Even though the special effects in the original Park are jaw-dropping to this day, that’s reassuring news. Bless you, young Colin.

In other Jurassic World news, today also gave us the first photos from the film, via EW. We don’t see a lot, of course, but we do see Bryce Dallas Howard looking unsurprisingly great and we also see some dino destruction. If that’s the worst of the dinosaur damage then these guys are getting off super easy.

Jurassic World opens June 12, 2015.

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