Though our hopes were dashed long ago, we might actually be venturing to the underwater city of Rapture after all.

Now, don’t get too excited but it seems that the long-dead Bioshock movie might be happening. That’s right, despite several false starts, a feature film adaptation of the legendary video game might be making its way to the big screen.

Those sleuths over at Kotaku discovered that Sony Pictures have registered three domain names: and None of these are functioning sites (yet) but I don’t have to tell you that it’s promising to see Sony buy them. They wouldn’t just buy them to sit on them, right?

For those who don’t know, the first Bioshock game takes place in 1960 in the man-made underwater city of Rapture. What first starts as an Ayn Rand dream of Libertarian freedom soon becomes a Hell full of psychotic “splicers” “Big Daddys” and “Little Sisters”. The game was frightening, action-packed and expertly written with some twists and turns that put other games to shame. A movie adaptation was obvious but everything went south.

The film was originally in development at Universal, first under director Gore Verbinski. Things fell apart when Universal was hesitant to give the film the big budget and R rating that Verbinski requested. He bailed and 28 Weeks Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo stepped up before the project eventually fizzled and died. Then the game’s creator, Ken Levine (a former screenwriter, mind you), squashed the whole project, declining to move forward with it. And so the Bioshock movie disappeared.

But if Sony has purchased these domains, then maybe something is happening with the project again. Maybe Levine is back on board, maybe a script is being worked, maybe a director is already chosen. And maybe they are waiting until E3 in June to make the announcement that’ll make all Bioshock fans so very, very happy.

Or maybe Sony is just smart and bought the domains for the far, far future. Maybe nothing is happening with Bioshock. Lots and lots of maybe’s floating around.


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