‘Batman vs. Superman’ Adds Cyborg to the Cast


Well folks, it looks like the Batman vs. Superman flick has just gotten even more crowded. It was big enough for the big screen with just Superman and Batman made it even bigger and then they went and added Wonder Woman in the mix and blew the thing up to ungodly proportions. So what’s next? One more Justice League member will be hopping on the screen with the rest of the DC heroes. And that man is none-other-than Cyborg.

The actor to don the robot parts of this famous DC face will be Ray Fisher. Most people out there have probably never heard of Fisher, and for good reason. He’s primarily a theater actor and hasn’t really made a name for himself in the Hollywood world as of yet. Some may remember that Fisher was rumored to be in the running for the lead role in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. I guess we can call that rumor dead in the water.

ray fisher

Of course, much like with Wonder Woman, the claim is that Victor Stone/Cyborg won’t be one of the major players in the Batman vs. Superman movie. So basically it looks like Warner Bros. is just trying to set up for the eventual transition to a fully-fledged Justice League flick. Which is fine by me.

Btw – in case you don’t know who Cyborg is (for shame!), he is the son of two top-notch scientists at S.T.A.R. Labs. After being subjected to intelligence-enhancing experiments, Victor gets caught up in a dimensional experiment gone wrong and ends up getting severely wounded by a nasty critter from the other side. In order to save Victor’s life, his father outfits him with all sorts of nifty cybernetic gadgets, turning him into a formidable super hero – AKA Cyborg. Eventually, he goes on to join the Justice League.

What say thee, Nerd Readers? Looking forward to seeing a little Cyborg in the mix? Jazzed that the prospect of a Justice League movie is pretty much guaranteed at this point?

Check out Batman vs. Superman (or whatever it will be properly called eventually) when it hits the big screen on May 6th of 2016.


Source: Variety

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