high_moonMicrosoft is aggressively moving forward with its plans to take on not just the video game market, but the online streaming video world of Netflix and Hulu with original programming for Xbox customers.

First two Halo-based shows were announced, along with the sci-fi drama Humans, then a series of gamer-interest documentaries–including one about the recent discovery of the legendary Atari E.T. landfill.

Next in line seems to be a number of ambitious projects–of particular note, a series based on the popular (and fun as Hell) tabletop RPG Deadlands, and a miniseries version of the graphic novel series Winterworld.

Deadlands isn’t quite as well known as Dungeons & Dragons or White Wolf‘s World of Darkness games, but it has a pretty sizable and loyal cult following. It’s a mixed bad of genres–from Old West to Supernatural to Steampunk to Alternate History–all culminating in what Deadlands calls the “Weird West”.

There’s a lot for a television writer to sink his teeth into here, and I’m looking forward to see the creative team and performers they come up with for this project.

Winterworld is a series of popular graphic novels by Chuck Dixon and Jorge Zaffino. The novels follow the human survivors of a new global ice age in a world where civilization has devolved to a primitive tribalistic state in order to survive.

An original series from the maniacs who gave us Robot Chicken called Extraordinary Believers is also coming down the pike–but little is known about it except that it will follow Robot Chicken‘s proud tradition of stop-motion animation.

There are also hints that a series based on Harlan Ellison‘s Gun Machine is in the works.

I’m not much of a gamer anymore–but I (in spirit anyway) supported the PS4 in the recent console wars.

Shows like this could be enough to make me turn my coat…

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