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ABOVE: Though The Amazing Spider-Man 2 won’t release here in the U.S. until later this week, you can pre-order your deluxe Blu-ray set now and get this creepy bust of Jamie Foxx’s big, blue head. Win? [/Film]


Already it’s an improvement over what she’s wearing in Avengers 2. Bravo, Virtvixen. [CBM]


Poptimus Prime is the worlds largest balloon sculpture, and y’know, even precariously constructed out of balloons I doubt the Decepticons could take him out. [Nerd Approved]


Nothing gives your day a stronger start than a Tusken Raider staring back at your through syrup. Sadly, there’s no kit or anything to make your own, it’s all the skill of pancake artist Nathan Shields [Thats’s Nerdalicious]


Basically, this toy is the closest you’ll ever get to owning your own little astro droid. (Unless you make your own.) [Side Show Collectibles]

What the one outrageous accerory missing from the rap scene? Yes, Hulk Hands, you nailed it.  [Dorkly]

While I consider myself both a Star Wars and Harry Potter fan, let’s be honest, at least Harry Potter had to the balls to call it what it really was–magic! [RackaRacka]


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