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ABOVE: Tardimus Prime and Doctor Whoom cosplay. Autobots! TImely Wimebly out! Don’t ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for Doctor Whoom! [FashionablyGeek] 


This 80’s and 90’s cake by CustomeCakeDesigns. Clearly this is evidence of an atrocity, a delicious, well crafted atrocity that is appealing to the eye! Look at the skin of the cake and think back upon Captain Planet. Is this cake made of Captain Planet?!? Damn you Doctor Blight! Damn you to he… mmmmm, nope, might be butter cream though. [BetweenThePages]


This is a series of 27 business cards created by Italian design firm Invasione Creativa for fictional movie characters starting their own businesses. Lebowski is spelled wrong. [Geekologie]


Learn how to make vodka cherry Pokeballs and catch them all — in your mouth. Drink responsibly. [ThatsNerdalicious]


This Boba Fett ballgown is real shiny. [GAS]

The Skyhook from Bioshock is REAL. Well, sort of. What you’re looking at is actually an “Air Grabber” prop (that’s the Rapture version of the Sky-Hook from Biohock Infinite’s DLCs) for an upcoming BioShock fan film from PCND FX.  Cool, just keep it away from your face. [NerdApproved]

Here’s a video from Dorkly that not only does Han Solo shoot first, HE ALWAYS SHOOTS FIRST. Han Solo, the only man in the galaxy who can actually hit someone with a gun. [Dorkly]

Spidey is swinging back into theaters soon, so what better time to revisit Sam Raimi’s original wallcrawler trilogy? Relive the thrills, tears, and Gollum-ing of all three original Spider-Man movies with Screen Junkie’s HONEST TRAILERS: Spider-Man Trilogy.  [ScreenJunkies]

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